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FREE SHIPPING for orders over Rs. 5,000+

Acqua Di Rose DIY Wax Kit

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Rs 1,500
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Cold Rose Water Wax, made using 100% natural ingredients.

Wax Kit includes:
1. 200g Wax Jar
2.10 X Wax Strips ( Reusable when rinsed in Boiling Hot Water)
3. 1 X Applicator
4. 1 X Directions for use


Ensure your hair is at least of an inch in length. We advise you to wait 1 month for sufficient regrowth for your next waxing. Wax won't adhere to wet or oily skin-so dry the area thoroughly and refrain from applying any cream or deodorant prior to waxing

Mix the contents in the wax jar using the applicator provided.
Add a little powder to the area being waxed, and apply a thin layer of wax in small sections in the direction of hair growth.
Place the wax strip over the wax and press it down firmly using strokes in the same direction of hair growth

When removing the wax strip hold skin taut and quickly pull it off in the
opposite direction. Stay close and parallel to the skin. Use the same strip approximately 4-5 times on different areas that require waxing instead of re-applying the wax. Once you notice that hair is not being removed, use a fresh strip and re-start the process.