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FREE SHIPPING for orders over Rs. 5,000+

Day Top in Silk

Original price Rs 2,750 - Original price Rs 2,750
Original price
Rs 2,750
Rs 2,750 - Rs 2,750
Current price Rs 2,750
Looking for something comforting yet stylish for work or your everyday shenanigans?
Absolute Day Top is designed for all of you who has your hands full and is constantly running around getting things done for your loved ones and yourself.
The softness of this silk top allows you to breathe through the day. We take care of the styles and comfort so that you can go out there and do your job.
Pair it up with any pant, skirt, short or even use it as a cover up to the beach. Decide where you can take it with you. More you will pair our essentials and make it your go to friend, you will be less likely to purchase outfits unnecessarily.
Congratulations! You just became a lot more sustainable by doing so. Every time you opt out of purchasing less and less of low quality fast fashion items just because it's there, you are qualifying yourself as a conscious Buyer.

Fabric : Soft Silk Fabric with a cooling effect
Color : Blue

Sourced, Developed & Made in Sri Lanka
Size: S
Color: Blue